Friday, February 7, 2014

Life Tracks cover

  1. 99 problems - Jay Z
    The reason I chose this song is because in elementary school every morning my dad would play this song before he dropped me off. To this day i still listen to hear it sometimes but i do know every word of it because of those mornings.

  1. Stay- Florida Georgia Line
This song brings back memories. I went to the Florida Georgia Line concert last night with some old friends of mine and it was the best time ever. The last song I remember was Stay. Everytime i

  1. I Just Want It All-  Kid Ink
This song means a lot because the lyrics really hit me and mean a lot. It goes I just want it all, cars and the clothes, money and the girls. When I am older this is what I want, to be successful and have all those things in the lyrics.

  1. Counting Stars- One Republic
I really like this song because it really has a good beat and I’ve always liked One Republic. There really is no significant meaning or memory with this song.

  1. My Town - Birdman
This song means a lot to me because this was my walk-up song last year in baseball. Which means every time I came up to the plate to swing this song played. One of the lyrics “ take a picture when I’m standing on the mound” I am also a pitcher so it is a really relevant song.

  1. Ruff Ryders- DMX
This song is just a really good song to get hype and pumped up for before a big game or the gym. It is apart of my gym playlist, along with about 35 other songs that get my adreynaline going but I put this one on because its the best.

  1. Southern Girl- Tim McGraw
When I took my visit to Nicholls State University for baseball and I had committed, all I saw were country and southern girls which were all beautiful and then i heard this song and I was like “BOOM! This song is on point”

  1. Clique- Kanye West
This song is probably my most favorite because every home game last year we played this song before we took the field. We had such a good bond last year as a team and this song symbolizes that.

  1. Thrill Of It- Wiz Khailfa
This is a song that I would listen to a lot during middle school after my friend had shown it to me. It was really weird at first because I wasn’t a big rap fan but after he had showed me the song I instantly liked that type of music.

  1. Work remix- A$AP Ferg
I chose this song because When I hear it or when I see the name it instantly brings me back to summer ‘13 and all the fun times I had with my college boys and old friends. All the baseball tournaments that we had won and attended. I consider this the song of that summer!

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